Drive type and SECLATE timing

Juergen Buchmueller pullmoll at
Thu Jun 28 12:24:48 PDT 2007

On Thu, 28 Jun 2007 11:58:56 -0700 (PDT)
"Eric Smith" <eric at> wrote:

> Diablo 31.
> Al will correct me if I'm wrong, but AFAIK the use of the Diablo 44 on
> Altos was pretty rare.

Ok, that may explain the problems with the tight timing.

> Another stupidity is that in the US, "nf" (nanofarad) is almost
> never used.

Well, whatever it is, if .01mf is really 10nf, then this thing just can't
work IMO. At least not in the sequence of events as I understand them.

> I don't have any clue about SECLATE timing, though.

That would have been great. I'll have to revise some of my assumptions to
see where I was wrong.


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