SWMODE description

Juergen Buchmueller pullmoll at t-online.de
Mon Jul 2 05:25:30 PDT 2007

could you please take a look at the description of the SWMODE F1, Hardware
Manual section 8, page 58?

My question to you is what you think is meant with the NEXT[1] and NEXT[2]
values in the descriptions of the 2K ROM and 3K RAM bank switching. I first
thought it was the NEXT following the next instruction, and then the NEXT
after that.

However, usually the index in square brackets means a bit number, and the
paragraph above the tables also tells that "the value of NEXT in the
instruction following the one that asserts SWMODE." should be the one that
modifies the bank switching. That's why I now think they are talking about
NEXT2 & 040000 and NEXT2 & 020000 here... confused, as always.


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