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Juergen Buchmueller pullmoll at
Sat Jul 14 18:16:08 PDT 2007

On Sat, 14 Jul 2007 17:27:44 -0700
Al Kossow <aek at> wrote:

> Stanford wrote gateway code to do this using the multibus SUN 3Mbit ethernet
> card. As I remember they encapsulated PUPS inside of IP packets.

Is that kind of cards still available, or is it just as exotic as the Alto

> I'll dig up all the code I have for this. At one point a LONG time ago I had
> a SUN 3 configured with a multibus-VME converter with one of these cards and
> could watch packets being sent by the sniffer program running on an Alto.

Hmm. If you'd just encapsulate PUPS inside IP, you would have to map the
PUPS network addresses to IPv4 addresses via some configuration. Perhaps
some kind of NAT for a private network from e.g. the 10.x.x.x range would be
sufficient. I never did anything where I had to create raw IP packets. I'll
have a look at how to do this.

Did you see the MNG of on my WIP page? It just doesn't look like
the I expected to see.

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