HHC 2005 Announcement Part 2

Richard Schwartz richas at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 18 23:16:54 PST 2005

Sure, I'll be there.  How could I not go?    

New problem:   I got me a HX4705 iPAQ.   Also, I found something called
Dyalog APL.   But will it run in the new machine?  None of the available
info mentions the 4705.   But, according to Harry Bertucelli, you can use
APL to write a complete air traffic control system in only six lines of
code.   Imagine such power in your pocket!  Also, I'm looking for a good HP
flavored calculator like Math-U-Pro for the 4705.   Then I need to replace
Hand-D-Base and Thought Manager, which have been incredibly useful on the
Palm.   Pocket Access, and Pocket Excel seem to be very limited-- much more
limited than the Palm Documents to Go package... but Palm has shot
themselves in the foot with their refusal to incorporate WiFi and the
architecture that has app files incorporated into the application rather
than having a separate file name.

. . . Richard

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Richard Nelson wrote:

> *Hello Everyone,
> In making the conference announcement yesterday I forgot an important
> part.
> HP will be supporting and participating again this year.  Look for them 
> giving at least one technical presentation in addition to the 
> marketing and
> Q & A sessions they have provided at the last three conferences.
> Please let us know if you will be attending as it really helps in 
> planning
> and organizing.  There cannot be a session covering your favorite topic
> if you don't speak up and express your interest.
> We have had many meetings at ACE over the last 30 years and with their
> new facilities we will have close to the ideal environment for a 
> conference.
> X < > Y,
> Richard*
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I will be there.
Thomas P Kline

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