HHC 2005 Announcement Part 2

Bruce Horrocks hhc at horrocks.plus.com
Wed Jan 19 14:22:43 PST 2005

In message <E1CrA5F-0001hL-00 at pop-a065d23.pas.sa.earthlink.net>, Richard 
Schwartz <richas at earthlink.net> writes
>New problem:   I got me a HX4705 iPAQ.   Also, I found something called 
>Dyalog APL.   But will it run in the new machine?  None of the 
>available info mentions the 4705.   But, according to Harry Bertucelli, 
>you can use APL to write a complete air traffic control system in only 
>six lines of code.   Imagine such power in your pocket!

APL is indeed a powerful and compact language and I have often wondered 
why a version was never ported to a calculator. Too powerful perhaps and 
only recently has the hardware been up to it?

You may be aware that Ken Iverson, the inventor of APL and, later, J, 
passed away just last December, aged 83. There is a nice picture of him 
on-line at <http://www.vector.org.uk/> (Vector being the journal of the 
British APL Society which is published quarterly and well worth 
subscribing to).

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