Time to discuss HHC 2006?

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I can go with Texas or Idaho.   The only problem with Idaho, is when you are
heading north out of Nevada.   In Nevada, the speed limit is 75, everybody
drives 85, and the Nevada police don't bother you.   Cross into Idaho, drive
another 100 miles at that same speed, and you don't notice that the limit
has dropped to 65.  As you approach the outskirts of Twin Falls, you find
out that one of those falls is falling into their radar trap.  So DO NOT GO
Texas has places like that.  Once I was driving down the Rio Grande valley,
along the U.S. - Mexico border.  When I entered a small town, a police car
came in behind me and tailed me.   I stopped at a convenience store for a
soda, and when I came out, the cop was waiting.  He followed me to the city
limit.   I don't get it; if he wanted to ticket a communist suspect from
California, why did he bother to measure my speed?  He controls the judge
and jury there anyway.  ( I was headed to Del Rio, Texas.  When I got there,
I could not locate one of those little plastic statues that I wanted for the
dashboard of my truck.)
One difference between Texas and Idaho isin the local radio programming.
In Idaho, it is high class stuff.  Classical music, informative news, etc.
But in Texas, any broadcast content other than football and preaching is
banned.   I remember the day of Israel's raid on Entebbe to rescue skyjacked
hostages.   I was deep into Mexico, and the only U.S. station I could
receive had 24 hour Houston Astro games, and zero news.   I knew from the
local stations that something big went down in Africa, but I was not sure
what it was (my Spanish has improved since then).  I found out when I got to
Mexico City and my uncle there explained it.  (Oddly enough, a cousin of
mine helped build Entebbe airport in a previous, friendlier time.)
. . . Richard
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Hello Everyone,

It seems that Eric has the list up an running again.  Thanks Eric.
For those who did not attend HHC 2005 in Chicago there have been 
several suggestions as to where it may be held this year.  Our attendance 
increased for HHC 2005 and perhaps this is reflected by the realities of 
the calculator market place.

One point of debate is the convergence of the cell phone, PDA, digital 
camera, and . . .  The sales volume of the cell phone (billions) is what is 
driving these developments.  It seems that cell phone manufacturers 
are always on the prowl for new features to add to the cell phone.  

TI, it seems, stopped their development work on new machines early 
in 2005 so it looks like HP may have an excellent opportunity in 
todays market.

Casio is active in new-product development with the Classpad 300 
so there is an additional opportunity for advancement in the future 
market.  Do you remember the Saltire presentation at HHC 2003?  
Casio had an interesting CES booth dedicated to the 300 and they 
now have a US R&D group in Portland.  My ex boss used to say that 
"Success requires 100% of the ingredients" so there is lots of room 
for speculation.  It seems that the education community is very slowly 
looking at the 300.  There is progress, however, and the Casio R&D 
group is busy working on projects to help educators.  They showed 
three new applications books at CES.

On thing is for sure.  The HHC Conferences have always presented the 
latest in hand held ideas and I often look back at some of the presentations

and marvel how far ahead we look - years.

We have never had an HHC in Texas and that possibility has been suggested 
several times.  Is that possible?  Ted offers his help again.  San Diego has

been suggested because it is in HP's back yard so that is a serious
I will look into the San Diego area.  Cyrille (recently married) suggested
but travel may be a constraint there.  We certainly found it especially nice

to have everyone in one place and all together last year, and I suggest that

we work towards a similar facility for 2006.

One bit of news.  Lee-Khuan is no longer working for the HP calculator 
group.  She did a great job supporting the conferences.  Thanks Lee-Khuan.

Now is the time to start thinking about 2006.  The tentative dates are 
September 16 & 17, the third week end of the month.  What are your 
thoughts?  One of the most important elements for planning is having 
some idea of attendance.  If you think you may attend please post here 
so those who may volunteer for the committee will be inspired.  Please 
encourage any friends who may be interested to register for this list so 
they may participate in an get the news of HHC 2006.  

You may read the Conference Report at the HHC 2005 web site link below.  
I was especially happy that we were able to photograph the group.  See 
the photo on page one of the report.

X < > Y,


Richard J Nelson
Check out  HHC 2005 which was held the third weekend in 
September in Chicago (Franklin Park) Illinois.  See web site 
HP actively participated again this year.
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