HHC 2006 Website Update

Richard Nelson rjnelson at corp.aemf.org
Mon Oct 30 14:31:18 PST 2006

Hello Everyone,


Joseph has been working like a beaver and he has updated the HHC 2006

to include new articles and a new attendee (NOT hotel) registration
form.  This 

will help Ted keep track of things and allow us get the most band for
the collected 

conference fee buck.  I think Joseph has done a GREAT job!


I am very pleased and I hope you find it answers all your questions.  If
not, just 

post them here and we will address the issue.


The conference is shaping up nicely and I will post a first draft of a
speaker list 

within a week.  Here is one idea for the web site to provide information

topics for the Conference.


HP in the news.  You have all read about HP UK and their new high speed

data chip for all kinds of applications, right.  This was announced
today.  How 

would you use it for that killer application?  This is a technology

not an end product announcement.  What about the rumors of new machines?


Check the new additions at the web site for the 32nd "annual" 

Hewlett-Packard User Community. HPUC, HP Handheld 

Conference, HHC, at: 


This year you will find a great deal of additional information 

of interest to any serious HP handheld user.  The website will be 

updated frequently.  


X < > Y,







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