HHC 2008 and HP Community Update

Don and Suzanne Shepherd shepherd at iglou.com
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Hi Richard, this is Don Shepherd.

I had planned on coming to the conference again this year, but I had quadruple-bypass heart surgery in June, and while the recovery process is going OK, I think that dealing with airports and connecting flights and layovers will just be too much for me.  My doctor says I need to be relaxing, and I will have to take a bye this year.  But next year is another story.

If I did attend, I wanted to give a talk on the HP-65 programs used aboard Apollo-Soyuz.  Unfortunately, I was not able (through contacts at NASA, including Sol Liebergot of Apollo 13 fame; he's the one that said they had to close the reactant valves to try to stop the leak, thus losing the landing on the moon) to find out any info on those programs.  It would have made a terrific presentation, but it was not to be.

Don Shepherd
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  Hello Everyone,


  Subject:  Conference Update  (see the website for additional information)


  Hotel Reservations:  The HHC 2008 Conference is coming together quite well.  The number of website attendee registrations are not as high at this time (7 weeks to go) as they were last year, but they are all of great quality.  All we need is enough attendees to keep costs down and from what is happening so far that will not be an issue.  The Conference hotel reservations are good - especially since I signed a contract and I am personally responsible.


  Here is a summary as of this email - August 6, 2008.


  9/24/08 (Wed)   - 1 room        Not at the Conference rate*

  9/25/08 (Thurs) - 3 rooms      Not at the Conference rate*

  9/26/08 (Fri)     - 14 rooms     Six rooms remaining.

  9/27/08 (Sat)    - 14 rooms      Six rooms remaining.

  9/28/08 (Sun)   - 12 rooms      Eight rooms remaining.


  Total - 44 room nights reserved so far


  *There is a USC Football game (unusual for midweek days) that is putting great pressure on all hotels for Wednesday and Thursday so any rooms booked on these days will be at a higher rate.


  My recommendation is to make your hotel reservations as soon as possible to insure that you will be with most of the other attendees from out of town.
  Website Updates:  The website is frequently updated, especially with HP news.  Be sure to ask any committee member if there is some information that you would like to be posted.  We are still working on (Jeremy?) the walking distance restaurant list and I believe that is the only page still "under construction."
  Conference Activities:  We will have another typical conference.  Many first time attendees commented last year that they had a great time and received excellent value for their time and expense.  It will be as good this year if not better than year because of the increased number of HP Engineers, past and present, attending.  A conference of hundreds of attendees is less intimate and I guarantee that you will learn much more about HP calculators and how they are progressing than you will find elsewhere.  Internet information is often confusing and all too often very wrong.  Seeing and hearing those who are doing the work first hand up close and personal is the best resource you can have.


  HP Product News:  Last year (HHC 2007) we learned about the behind the scenes work that HP is doing with regard to utilizing the latest technology in their products.  A "new" platform that is flashable ROM based using industry standard microprocessors was discussed and attendees held it in their hands. (see the HHC 2007 Conference report page 18 figure E16 at:




  The new HP20b utilizes this concept and now the idea of making your own very high speed machine is realizable.  See the following HP museum thread for more information from our community.




  You may also see an EDN description of this technology on the HHC 2008 website at:




  Giving a Presentation:  if you have something to share and want to be part of the formal program be sure to contact me at .  I will be making the schedule shortly.


  Getting to Corvallis:  Portland is probably the best airport to use to get to Corvallis.  See the HHC website for a new update on a shuttle service to get from Portland to Corvallis.




  I look forward to seeing you next month.


  X < > Y,





  Richard J. Nelson
  Wired phone:  (480) 584-4453
  Mobile phone: (949) 296-5406
  Physical Address:
  Fountain of the Sun
  8344 E. Desert Trail
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  Peruse the annual HP Handheld Conference at:  http://holyjoe.net/hhc2008/
  You may also visit five previous HHC's by changing the "8" from "3" to "7."  
  One of our goals is to document and record HP Handheld User Community history 
  and accomplishments.  For general information see the Conference report at the
  HHC 2007 website link given above.  Current HP & Community news may be
  found under the XEQ key at the newly designed 2008 website. 

  The UK HPCC will have their 2008 meeting in London September 13th .  Check 
  their web site at:  http://www.hpcc.org/conferences/index.html


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