HHC 2008 Conf. Report, HP News

Richard Nelson rjnelsoncf at cox.net
Sun Dec 7 10:17:50 PST 2008

Hello HHCer's,

The HHC 2008 Conference was one of the best ever.  I tried 
to capture as much of the flavor of the Conference in the 
31 page, 46 photo report filed on the HHC website at:


Speaking of the HHC website there are several new reverent 
HP news postings at:


Joseph has also set up a web page that provides a quick and 
convenient way to get to past HHC websites at:


These are especially nice because of their photos and historical 
coverage of the news of that year.

Check out the proposed location for next year in the report.
Perhaps 2009 will be the year for you to join us.

The expanded-over-2008 HHC 2009 Calendar is close to being 
finished and it will be announced when it is available.  We want 
it to be complete and up to date and we all know that CES is 
a good sign post for the year.

2008 has been a great HP Calculator year and HHC 2008 did 
a good job at celebrating it.

Have a great 2009 if we don't communicate before then and 
keep in touch.

X < > Y,


Richard J. Nelson
Email:  rjnelsoncf at cox.net
Wired phone:  (480) 584-4453
Mobile phone: (949) 296-5406
Physical Address:
Fountain of the Sun
8344 E. Desert Trail
Mesa, AZ 85208-4737
Peruse the annual HP Handheld Conference website at:   http://holyjoe.net/hhc2008/
You may also visit   http://holyjoe.net/hhc/   to easily link to eight recent HHC websites.
The photos on these sites are especially nice.

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