HHC 2008 Update

Richard Nelson rjnelsoncf at cox.net
Tue Mar 11 09:53:05 PDT 2008


Here is some HP (and Casio and TI) calculator news.

1.  Joe Horn is back from his medical leave and has rejoined the active HP User community.
     Welcome back Joseph.  His medical treatment was successful.  Our prayers were answered.

2.  The HHC 2008 committee will be the same as HHC 2007.

3.  We will try to continue to make the HHC web site a reliable source for HP Calculator news and 
     reports of Manufacturer and User activity.  The HHC 2008 web site will be come active soon - 
     as webmasters usually say, it is "under construction"  

    For now see the latest news at:  http://holyjoe.net/hhc2007/

4.  The HHC 2008 location seems to be a choice between Vancouver and Corvallis.  (order intentional).

5.  The latest news mentioned above is at the HHC 2007 website.  See four added news articles.  
     Another will be added soon.  Casio is leaving the calculator business and TI still plods along.  As 
     those of you saw first hand at HHC 2007, HP is getting stronger with expertise being added to 
     the calculator team.

6.  Mark Hurd, HP's president, believes in the legacy values we relate to and the change at the top is 
     being felt across Corporate HP.  This is good news and Wing, the new calculator GM is making 
     similar changes.

7.  HP has to get more serious about calculators in education, and I believe that we can look forward 
     to a greater sensitivity in this market segment.

8.  HP's strength in the finance segment is not being ignored, and we can expect significant progress 
     in the finance arena as well.

9.  If you haven't seen the HP calculator web site recently check it out at:


   There is an option to join the "HP Calculator club"  in the HP solve green masthead.

9.  HP has released the second edition of its HP Solve Calculator News Letter.  See it at:


10.  Wing has updated his blog.  See it at:


Wing believes that changes are needed and he is making them.  If there is staying power behind 
them things can only get much better.  It is looking good and I think that the HP Calculator Team 
is going forward when others are questioning their (calculator business) path.  this was certainly 
seen at HHC 2007 when the attendees voted for Cyrille as Best Speaker for his forward looking 

That is the news for now,  Stay tuned.  

X < > Y,


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One of our goals is to document and record HP Handheld User Community history 
and accomplishments.  See the Conference report and on going HP and User news at 
the HHC 2007 web site link given here.
The UK HPCC had their meeting in London October 13th & 14th.  Check 
their web site at:  http://www.hpcc.org/conferences/index.html
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