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Hello Richard, and thank you for this particular email,
I have been trying to figure out what the exiting handheld 
was that you saw on Monday ;-)
I was very grateful for Jeremy letting me stay with him -
so close to the Conference, but a chance to talk with 
him and savour the unusual ambience of the Possomery.
I left him some money, both so he could ship me anything
I left, and to cover his costs of having me at his home.
Walking from his house to the conference hotel along the
river was one of the high points of the conference for me.
Thank you for mentioning the Mass!
I shall send you some of my photos - I have promised Jake 
a CD of them, so I can make a copy for you.
I think that's all for now - many thanks and goodnight,

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Hello HHCers,

It has been a week since HHC 2008 and everyone is trying to get caught up with the disruption that an intense Conference weekend provides.  I stayed on at the Central Oregon Coast for the remainder of the week so I am just getting back to “normal.”
I have seen some feedback at;
If you read the three messages most of the important points have been covered.
The Conference is actually a 52 hour event if you include Friday evening and Monday morning.  I saw one of the most exciting hand held products I have seen in several years on Monday morning at breakfast.
The cost this year was minimal because of HP’s efforts.  Meal costs were a minimum with breakfast included at the hotel and all meals provided by HP during the Conference.  HP even provided that special nice touch with a travel-home bag of munchies.  I consumed mine while riding in a van ($7) from Corvallis to the Oregon Coast town of Newport reroute to Waldport OR.  I also watched whales from the world’s smallest harbor – Depoe Bay OR – during the three days I spent along the Coast.
One of the posted comments expressed concerns about the continued interest in calculators.  While we have been carefully watching the technology of handhelds and the potential convergence of the calculator we sure don’t see any depression at HP.  Sam was even recruiting with two new positions for software engineers open at the HP Calculator Division.  What is changing is the “centralness” of the Calculator group.  Relocation was not a requirement for the position.
We kept on the very full schedule and even added several talks from the “old-timers” that were not on the schedule.  We anticipated this as I have mentioned in previous Conference List postings.
You may check the Conference web site for the speakers schedule and other information about the speakers and their presentations.  We conveniened from 7:30 AM to 10 PM on Saturday.  We started Sunday after a 9 AM “Conference Mass” in which everyone could attend just to see what a Catholic Mass is about.  We had people of many religions attending and just like everything we do at an HHC, it is a life enriching educational experience.  After we finished at 6 PM on Sunday those who were still physically able went on a tour of the HP Halo R&D facilities and everyone was able to experience this unusual world wide communication facility.  We spread ourselves among two Halo studios on two different floors and we all “visited” another studio in Porto Rico.
We went to dinner and then caravanned 10 miles north to Albany for a tour of Jim Donnelly’s model shop.  At this point we were down to a third of the attendees.  
We headed back to the Hotel for a little sleep at 11 PM.  Experienced HHCers know that the Conference is not just 48 hours, but more like 52 hours.
I hope others will take a few minutes to provide additional feedback.  We will be posting photographs on the web site soon.  Please send me yours to add to the official HHC collection.  
Just when I think that the Conferences can’t get any better, they do.  This is due to the enthusiasm of the people who attend and share what they know with others.  HHC personal contact allows you to see the HP Calculator world up close and personal.  You know what is really going on and what to expect in the future.  Even though I know that you are very busy, try to keep in touch.
X < > Y,

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