HHC 2008 feedback

Eric Smith eric at brouhaha.com
Tue Oct 7 18:56:59 PDT 2008

Richard Nelson wrote:
> *The handheld was the Garmin model 250 GPS that Geoff was demonstrating.*
> *It would be a wonderful device if it just had the maps and image 
> displayer.*
> *I am trying to get clarification of the latter feature.  Does it show 
> images *
> *on the SD card?  In this respect it would be like a digital photo frame.*
> **
What do you mean by "if it just had the maps"?  The Garmin Nuvi GPS line 
comes with maps.  Units sold in the US usually have the US map, but you 
can buy others including Europe, and download them or put them on the SD 

It will display images from the SD card.  I haven't really figured out 
why I'd want to use it for that.  The 255W ("widescreen") model I 
purchased recently has a slightly larger display than the non-W models.  
The display is about the same size as that of my phone, but of slightly 
lower resolution, 480x272 vs. 480x320 for the phone.

Some of the higher-end Nuvi models will play MP3s.  In general I don't 
see why I'd want a GPS to do that either, but one clever use is the 
self-guided tours they sell.


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