HHC 2008 feedback

Eric Smith eric at brouhaha.com
Thu Oct 9 12:37:30 PDT 2008

genela at comcast.net wrote:
> And, keep in mind that the iPhone 3G has a GPS built-in.

For most purposes the GPS in the iPhone is great.  However, I needed to 
buy a Garmin GPS also.  The iPhone GPS depends on getting the maps from 
Google over the 3G phone network.  If you go anywhere without 3G or EDGE 
data coverage, you no longer get maps.

Most of the time I don't wander outside of the coverage area.  However, 
in the event of an emergency, the cellular network is often overloaded 
or loses power.

On the other hand, the mapping data from Google is usually more 
up-to-date than what you would have in a dedicated device, even if you 
buy the annual map upgrades.


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