HHC 2009 Update May 21, 2009

Richard Nelson rjnelsoncf at cox.net
Thu May 21 08:07:23 PDT 2009

Hello Everyone,

The HHC 2009 website is up and running and the attendee list is growing.

For a while I was concerned that because of the economic turn down 
that the attendance would be too low, but since we are not having to 
pay for a fixed meeting facility overhead it doesn't matter.  That means 
that if we are a bit low in attendance where quantity may lack quality  
will not, so I worry no more.  Meeting with calculation oriented fellow 
travelers is what this is primarily about.

We still have to start the Door Prize list and we have a few very nice items 
to kick it off very soon - as soon as they arrive.

Some of the talks are being firmed up and those of you who attended last 
year met Geoff Quickfall - you may "meet him" by reading the leading 
April HP Solve article at:


Geoff reconditions HP Calculators to like new condition and he will show 
us all how to get your HP-41 up and running again, especially the card 
reader.  We will have a nice surprise (gifts) for everyone in this regard.
I just checked the website and I didn't see Geoff's special talk listed 
yet so you are getting the news here first.


There are a couple of days for the Display Contest and there is still lots 
of room for additional submissions.  This simple problem is still to be 
"well solved" as far as I am concerned.  See the website for details at:


We are talking about having a calculator swap meet at the Conference.  
We would have extra tables for people to bring their suitcase of calculator 
stuff along to sell or trade.  Perhaps it is time to"thin out" some of that 
stuff stored away in the back of the closet.  If you are an avid collector this 
may just be the place to get that missing item so bring that nested suitcase 
set along to go home with more than you came with.  I know Wlodek is 
thinking in these terms.  

I normally don't like to talk about rumored new stuff, but I think that 
we can certainly expect to be impressed this year.  There are no limits 
to new ideas, and technology marches on.

Enjoy your summer, but don't forget to register soon so the HHC 2009 
Committee can plan another  really exciting and fun Conference.

X < > Y,

P.S.  Be sure to email any of the Committee members with your ideas 
and suggestions for what you would like to see/done at the Conference.  
We still have time to organize just about anything.  Perhaps there is a 
machine you have never seen and we can arrange to get one there.  We,
the Committee members, have among us every machine HP has ever 
made, and most models of what was ever prototyped.

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