Hotel Reservations, etc.

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The quantity available has been reduded by 1.
I just took 1 by calling the "800" number.
Thanks Richard for the reminder.  It prompted me to call.
Carl Morris
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  Hello HHCers,


  The added block of five hotel rooms now have three remaining, and the Conference is next month.


  Just like HHC 2007 it seems that San Diego is a popular location.  The weak dollar is bringing in attendees from Europe and the new topics of discussion are going to make this an exceptional event.


  An HHC is one of the few means an HP calculator user has to directly interface with the staff at HP.


  I haven't has so many different HP calculators in use on my desk for a long time.  


  Websites come and go and the specualtion of what is coming is keeping the internet chatter well fueld.  As usual all will be discussed and expalined at HHC 2011 and past attendees are on the sidelines simply smiling and enjoying the chatter.


  I look forward to seeing you all at the Holliday Inn on Friday evening.  The committee will be busy setting up - doing actual physical work if HHC 2007 is a measure - during the afternoon.


  Please let me, or any committee member, know if you have any questions, issues, or suggestions.



  X < > Y,





  Richard J. Nelson

  Nelson Consulting

  Editor HP Solve

  Home:  480-584-4453  Message - You must speak for me to pick up

  Cell:     949-296-5406  (on 24/7)

  8344 E. Desert Trail

  Mesa, AZ 85208-4737

  Calcfan, eMail rjnelsoncf at


  Attend HHC 2011; See   

   Please note:  Because I correspond with many people both in and outside of 

  HP, I treat my correspondence as public domain.  If you have something you 

  would like to be kept confidential, please indicate what it is.  I will assume that 

  I may publish email related to calculators in  HP Solve. If you correspond 

  with me you must specifically tell me if anything you say should be kept 

  confidential.  Because  HP Solve has a worldwide readership I would also like 

  to know where you live; Country and city.




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