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Hello HHCers,


Many of you have been reading the many press articles regarding HP spinning
off or selling their PC produt line.


Because calcualtors are part of that product "group" many questions have
been raised regarding the future.


Will HHC 2011 continue?  Yes, of course, and Cyrille, HP's Calculator R&D
Manager is flying in from France to attend.


Regarding our hotel being sold out.  I have just made arrangements for seven
more rooms to be adeed to our reserved block.  The previously added five
rooms filled up quickly.    


We have more calculator designers attending this conference than I can
remember of any previous conference in the last ten years.


While I don't have any more information than the press I can confidently
offer a few thoughts.  HP calculators are profitable, apparently much more
profitable than PC's.  This is always an important consideration when
managers start swinging the ax in situations like this.  The other critical
"fact" to keep in mind is that HP has said that it will be 12 to 18 months
before they are able to study and make any changes.  Another consideration
is that HP is not financially "ill" and they are not in a panic mode as some
press "analysts" might project.


I found the short commentary at the link below especially interesting.


Everyone has an "explaination" for what is happening.  From an overview
perspective the root cause seems to be the MBA mentality.  Rooted in this is
the lack of (as in meaningless) many values that we, as customers, respect
in a company.  Long term thinking is now reduced to a few quarters and five
year plans are a historical footnote.  


The HP calculator market is 40 years old and a single product, the HP-12C
has been manufactured for 32 years (July 4, 1980 is oldest known HP-12C
based on the serial number).  This is an incredable product history in
consumer electronics.


Aside from the many press points of view being expressed as to why HP is now
in a position of a decling company I think that there is one primary reason.
It is the same reason the total economy is down.  The article at the link
above says it clearly.  In one word, instability.  The most important aspect
of any business investment is having confidence (real or believed) of what
to expect.  When the HP Board made their press release they "killed" the
confidence of their customers.  That was a very bad move.


Calculators are quite different compared to PC's.  It will be a long time
before we will see changes at calcualtors and everyone is going forward with
the current projects.  This topic will be one to more seriously discuss at
HHC 2012.


The HHC Committee; Joseph K. Horn, Gene Wright, Jake Schwartz, Wlodek
Mier-Jedrzjowicz and I look forward to an exciting Conference - with way too
much to talk about.  We will work it all out, just as we have always done.


X < > Y,



P.S.  What do you all do with your calculators.  I find that everything
revolves around the computer and computer desk top space is at a premium.  I
build a custom "U" shaped table so I have desk space on both sides as well
as in front.  Here is how I solved my stacks-of-calculators problem.  I
build a stand that may easily be moved if needed.  It holds 25 to 30
calcualtors and I can find the one I need easily and conviently.  After
using it for couple of weeks I would make one suggestion.  Tilt it back a
little more (it is now at 30 degrees).  Because the machines are tapered the
top (front most) ones are nearly vertical and slightly unstable.  The case
angle adds up fast when there are seven machines in a stack.







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