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Richard J. Nelson rjnelsoncf at cox.net
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Hello HHCers,


HHC Hotel:

If you haven't made your hotel reservations you might think about doing so.
The hotel has eight, 8, rooms left of our reserved block.  If you wait you
may not be able to stay with everyone else.  Most attendees agree that the
unique fellowship of being together is very important because we may only
see each other except at HHC Conference.


HP Staff:

HP always has staff changes with many of them being promotions with people
moving up and this year is no different.  People we met last year may have
been promoted and new people - I know of two - have been hired.  You will
meet at least one of them.


Conference Attendance:

As of this writing 46 people have "registered."  This is on a par with HHC
2007 and the West coast seems to be a slightly better location from an
attendance perspective.


Speakers & Topics:

I personally know of several talks being worked on that are not posted on
the Attenee list.  (http://hhuc.us/2011/reglist.htm).   Please contact a
Committee member, especially Joseph, if you are working on a project/paper
that we should be thinking about in terms of making a speakers schedule.
Many of our (best?) presentations have happened at the last minute but that
makes life more difficult for the Commettie.  One even won best speaker.
The variety and depth of our new machine presentations - see the
Introduction (http://hhuc.us/2011/HHC-2011-Intro.pdf) - are on track with
continued and exciting progress being made.  This activity reminds me of the
hayday of calcualtors of the early eighties.  This is exciting indeed.  


          HP-41CL Bata testers generate 8 to 10 emails every day sharing
their questions and system management routines.  Geoff is posting a periodic
summary on the HP Museum site
68 and
7 are recent postings.  One discovery is that page 4 - the system take over
page - may be used for other purposes.  Even with over 100 ROMS available
there never seems to be enough memory.  Having your system backed up in
FLASH is a very nice reliability 

feature that  every serious user needs.  A Wiki has been set up adding both
the 41CL and 34s.  See:  http://www.wiki4hp.com/doku.php?id=start.


          WP 34s  Debugging and upgrades on this machine also continues at a
fever pace. 


News news  Yet another Legacy type machine has turned up and this is the
brain child of Michael Steinmann of Switserland.  The only information that
is available for this faster HP-15C clone is at the links below.  If you
examine the website closely you will be amazed at what is there.  The
schedule of production and even a pre-order form is available.  Converting
to dollars at the exchange rate yesterday the price is $70.05 plus shipping.
There is even a serial I/O.  


1.  Video:

2.  Website:  http://www.rpn-calc.ch/ 


Eric Smith helped to inspire this machine with his website link at:
http://nonpareil.brouhaha.com/microcode_copyright_status/ and yes Michael
has seen this Internet posting  HP-12C Special Edition and HP-15C Re-Release
<http://www.techpoweredmath.com/hp-12c-special-edition-hp-15c-re-release/> .


HHC MMX (2010) attendees have a smile on their face because of what they
learned and experienced at a special presentation.  Indeed HHC 2011 will be
exciting indeed.


Special Book Event  Some of you have abandoned paper books (book-), others
(book+) still collect them.  The Internet is great but you have to weed
through so much material to find information of quality.  A dedicated book
is still a nice addition to your resources.  This HHC will bring the two
groups together so either bring your disposable books or bring $ to improve
your resources.  If you are in the book+ category you may also want to allow
extra luggage space to bring some of those books home.  I am both a book+
and a book- person so I will do both.  I am driving so I can bring a few
hundred pounds worth of paper to give away, a few to sell (duplicates), and
a few to buy.


HP Solve  The newsletter is now quarterly.  The July Issue is finished and
will be posted soon.  The October issue is being prepared and will be posted
early.  HHC MMC attendees will understand why.


HHC Speakers should be sure contact me so we can keep coordinated with a
nice (book+) proceedings for this unusual Conference covering so many new HP
and User Machines.


Stay tuned and if you know someone who should be on this list encourage them
to sign up using the link below.  They will not be overburdened with email.


X < > Y,




Richard J. Nelson

Nelson Consulting

Editor HP Solve

Home:  480-584-4453  Message - You must speak for me to pick up

Cell:     949-296-5406  (on 24/7)

8344 E. Desert Trail

Mesa, AZ 85208-4737

Calcfan, eMail rjnelsoncf at cox.net


Attend HHC 2011; See  <http://hhuc.us/2011/> http://hhuc.us/2011/   

 Please note:  Because I correspond with many people both in and outside of 

HP, I treat my correspondence as public domain.  If you have something you 

would like to be kept confidential, please indicate what it is.  I will
assume that 

I may publish email related to calculators in  HP Solve. If you correspond 

with me you must specifically tell me if anything you say should be kept 

confidential.  Because  HP Solve has a worldwide readership I would also

to know where you live; Country and city.



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