HP 12C Story

Roger Hill rhill at siue.edu
Fri Jul 22 23:59:40 PDT 2011

Hi again,

Sorry if the :-) at the end didn't belay the True Nature of my
statement.  I guess one could say that, on MY calculator, the
"function" is invoked by turning the calculator over, reading the last
5 digits of the serial number, interpreting it as a percent (i.e.
00314% = 3.14), and deciding that further digits are not needed in
financial work.......

More seriously, I don't know of any way to get pi except by user
programming (but then again, as I said, I have not used the calculator


-- Roger

------------ On Don Shepherd's message ------------
> hidden function giving Pi on 12c?
> I've never heard of this.  How do you invoke the function?  You
> don't mean a user keystroke program do you?
> thx, Don Shepherd

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>> Hi all,
>> I don't have any exciting stories, but my father bought an HP-12C
>> after his HP-80 started developing keyboard problems.  I still have
>> both calculators but haven't used them to any extent.  The 12C
>> claims to be made in Malaysia, and its serial number is MY72800314.
>>  I guess this indicates when it was made (28th week of 1987 ??),
>> and also that it contains a hidden function giving the value of
>> pi... :-) 
>> -- Roger Hill

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