Next year possible cities

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Sharks are very sensitive to electric fields in the water.   I believe they
might be repelled by some kind of electronic device.


A marine biologist might have an answer, if she can be turned away from her
ongoing biological study of U.S. Marines.


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You could always use a water tight plastic bags

I'm more worried about the sharks on such a long route

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The swimmer route might be a little hard on all the calculators that
you take to and from the conference....

-- Roger

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I don't know what country you come from, but you can come to the U.S.
with no visa or passport and stay as long as you like.  MILLIONS have
done this and are continuing to do it.  The best way to enter is the
U.S. - Mexico border, but if you are a good swimmer and adept at
survival at sea, you can come in from Cuba.

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