Next year possible cities

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You don't need to swim at all.  The other way is to walk across the desert.
In fact, I have done it myself.   Mexico highway 2 passes along the
unguarded U.S. border.  From inside Mexico I stopped, walked over to the
fence, and ducked between the strands of wire.   Easy.    The hard part is
getting from that point to civilization-several days walk in the desert, so
you will need about all the water you can carry and some desert survival
skills.   You will need to know which snakes and lizards are dangerous, and
you will want to sleep where the giant tatantulas will not crawl across your
face and maybe fang you in the eye or in the gentials.   Whatever you do,
don't eat the castor beans.   And don't mutilate the cactus or yucca; that
would be a serious crime!   Also, don't disturb the skeletal remains of the
dead; only an authentic Papago or Pima holy man is allowed to touch them.



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Goes one have to swim back?

On Wed, Oct 5, 2011 at 01:54, Michael Steinmann <mike.steinmann at>

I've been to Cuba and it was one of the most beautiful places I've ever
Please let the conference happen there.

X  !=  Y

2011/10/5 Roger Hill <rhill at>

The swimmer route might be a little hard on all the calculators that
you take to and from the conference....

-- Roger

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I don't know what country you come from, but you can come to the U.S.
with no visa or passport and stay as long as you like.  MILLIONS have
done this and are continuing to do it.  The best way to enter is the
U.S. - Mexico border, but if you are a good swimmer and adept at
survival at sea, you can come in from Cuba.

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