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See my comments below.

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Get well soon, Richard. 


That divestment update is intriguing. It makes me wonder, regardless of how
the decision goes, how much do you suppose HP has lost from the distractions
of such an ugly process? 


I would estimate at least three days of work for every employee involved.


Big structural changes are naturally disruptive, of course. I'm sure
companies faced with such changes try to take those costs into account, as
far as possible, and balance them against expected benefits. But
telegraphing a tsunami scale change like this and then backing out has got
to hurt in lots of ways.


It demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the HP Way on the part
of the current Board.  All they can think of is what they learned while
studying for an MBA.  Another issue is their size.  The efficiency is so low
that smaller management product groups would be better.  


One of the most effective tools they have is their website.  Anyone who as
looked at it will easily come to the conclusion that it is totally out of
control.  The whole structure is wrong.  It should take less than an hour to
correct an error on the website.  I doubt that any simple change could be
done in a week.  In some cases even knowing who is responsible for a
specific page is unknowable simply because of the organization structure.


Correcting a couple dozen broken links is a process that takes many months
and costs more money than I ever earned in one year.  With such a system in
place you may easily understand why the HP website is so ineffective.


X < > Y,    Richard





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