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Richard richard1941 at
Sat Oct 15 20:05:31 PDT 2011

The company is broken, and they are trying to fix it.   Let's give 'em all
the support we can, and not interfere with their repair process.   Of
course, if they fail due to internal politics, we can always walk away.
There are plenty of other handheld computing platforms to get our interest.
but it just won't be the same.


By the way, Radio Shack has a book reader tablet called the Cruz.   It is
cheap, only $150.   NOT RECOMMENDED!   I abandoned my HTC Android phone and
went back to the Apple.  It was a great platform with millions of apps,
including some on-board programming languages, but it only goes half a day
on a charge and you miss a lot of calls.  Apple goes two full days, and
finally there are programming languages for it (basic and scheme).    All
you need is a microscope to read the dang thing.



 <> Computer





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