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Are you a Telescope Nut?   Have I encountered you on the ATM list?



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Back in July, I ordered a dv7t Quad HP Laptop with the permission of my CFO
(wife) for my birthday.  We use HP PC hardware here at work and have always
had good support.  I got a good price on it and when it arrived, it had
problems with the Blu-ray drive.  I was given the choice of replacing the
Blu-ray or exchanging the whole laptop.  I went with the exchange as the
problem was most likely the MB itself (the Blu-ray drive would disappear
from Win7 and when I reseated the SATA connector on the bottom of the MB, it
would reappear for a while).  I had real run-arounds with customer support
which pissed me off.  In the end, I got the replacement laptop with 8 GB of
RAM rather than 6 GB for $7 less.  They also sent the new laptop with the
wrong battery so they let me keep it and sent me the battery I had ordered
for free.  The laptop runs great but I think HP's customer support stinks.


Here's the kicker for me.  When I felt confident this laptop was working
properly, I tried to install Starry Night Pro Plus (an astronomy program)
and it would freeze during the installation.  After a couple of rounds of
exchanging emails with tech support, they suggested I try loading the latest
video card drivers from HP's website.  I questioned this as the laptop was
only two weeks old and I assumed I already had the latest video drivers
(this laptop has two video cards, an ATI Radeon 6770 and built-in Intel
display; the OS selects the hardware depending upon the application).  So I
installed the new video drivers and now Starry Night Pro Plus loads up and
works great!  Goes to show you I should not make assumptions about new PCs
having the latest Windows 7 image on the boot drive.




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I'm writing these messages using a prehistoric dual core HP laptop

I would buy another one with Intel Haswell architecture

On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 00:05, Brian Walsh <bpwalsh at speakeasy.net> wrote:

Interesting comments. A couple of months ago I bought another HP laptop to
replace the one I've been using and like it. It wasn't just because
it's an HP but because the price and performance were excellent. I guess
I'll see how it turns out.

On a related note but slightly off topic:
By around the end of next week I will be receiving a customized HP
TouchSmart PC, to be dedicated for use as a high performance music server.
internal hard drive is replaced with a 30 GB SSD, and everything unnecessary
under Windows 7 for its function is stripped out. An external USB
hard drive and/or NAS is used for music storage. Music is played back from
memory rather than from disc, which is a feature available in J. River
Media Center, the software used for playback and disc ripping.


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>Thanks for that warning.  I was just about to go to Fry's and buy an HP
>computer!   I guess I'll get something else now.

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>Well, HP PCs are commodities, for the most part, built with the same care
and attention of a Dell or Gateway. Certainly nothing to write home
>HP used to have a nice boutique operation called Voodoo PC, who made the
wonderful Blackbird computer, but a couple of years after they bought
Voodoo they closed it down.
>Their servers (Z800 series) are very nice, but quite expensive.
>Honestly, unless you go for a customized system (Falcon Northwest,
Cyberpower, Alienware, etc.) or a Mac you're gonna get the same commodity
components in the same cheap case. The biggest problem is scrubbing all the
bloatware off the system.
>-- David

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