One Last HP PSG reference - with numbers.

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Aside from the issue of How the change was handled is the question of moving HP from a hardware based company to a software based company.


Leo, the previous president, had a strong (SAP) software background and that is what he knew.


Maximizing corporate income is the goal of the board, but to completely change the company in one big move is too disruptive regardless of what the board is thinking of.  Of course the rate of change of everything these days is accelerating so the term gradual change is relative.


One issue is very clear.  HP is too BIG!  Its operational efficiency is too low.  It really needs to reorganize and streamline its management structure and product groups.  From the calculator perspective they have been doing that by integrating  calculators into a larger group.  I wonder what the politics of revenue sharing are.  Calculators are a commodity and HP is shifting into a different business, one that should have been a vision move years ago.


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That would have been politics according to Macchiavelli, controlled by somebody who's up to replace the entire board eventually. If it turns out being "board politics", however, I'm reluctant to call that "clever" - too many open questions.



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Corporate board politics may have been in play and the plan was to let Leo “step in it” in order to get rid of him. 

Making such an announcement was really very stupid. 


Wouldn’t that have been a clever maneuver?


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Even if they don't, it will be hard to convince their customers that isn't in the cards. To be fair, Meg Whitman addressed the uncertainty pretty quickly as these things go. But many pundits are asking why she didn't help deflect his insanity in the first place?

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> I think that the fact that they seriously considered dumping the PSG group means they will certainly do so in the future, probably after further politics-based mutilation.


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