HP's biggest blunder

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You are reminding me of my experience at Northrop.  When I first joined, the
founder was retired, but his widow's boyfriend was running the company.   It
was very much an engineering company.   Then the MBA types took over, and it
became a totally political/financial company.    The bottom line: the
directors are required to maximize shareholder value.  Whatever it takes,
fair or unfair, honest or crooked, right or wrong.   Like all biological
waste, this flows downhill through the layers of management and gets dumped
on the head of the engineer.   


To learn more, you can join SHRM and get their journal.



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So true, so true.


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I don't want to underestimate the significance of "their early calculator
technology" but HP was successful earlier with other equipment already.
Calculators just fitted in their portfolio very well, and they built them
with the quality we all appreciate. What got lost, IMHO, is they were an
engineering company founded by engineers for engineers - now they're just
another big company.

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Betreff: Re: HP's biggest blunder 

Their biggest mistake is not understanding that their early calculator
technology was a fundamental building block of their success. Every employee
should have an understanding of how and where HP's success developed, but
that won't happen, and so down the slope of failure they will go.

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