HP's biggest blunder

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I'm quite at the edge...someone has to rescue my HP calculators
I already forgot batteries in my 71B, so it needs a surgery
e.g. new battery terminals (AC works beautifully)
and I had to put a band-aid to sturdy my 75C so it will not hmmm... open at
41CX needs more work...I have several as spare parts
with some bad news (during this millenia) that I just couldn't handle
some of them have had a simulated drop test on the nearest concrete wall on
my flat
drop distance estimated by my not-so.good baseball skills
(using shoulder only, slight twist) maybe 300 yards?

If you want to give good home to them I'm finally willing to sell them ALL
since soon they are all dead - if anyone buys them all
I'll throw in a complete copy of IDS of the 71B
I'm afraid the HP-16C will be next...
note: HP is *NOT* make LE of the HP-16C

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>  An important book on this issue is “Bait and Switch” by Barbara
> Ehrenreich.   Highly recommended.   I betcha that if HP tried to recruit
> you, they will claim that they are an engineering company founded by
> engineers for engineers****
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> I don't want to underestimate the significance of "their early calculator
> technology" but HP was successful earlier with other equipment already.
> Calculators just fitted in their portfolio very well, and they built them
> with the quality we all appreciate. What got lost, IMHO, is they were - now
> they're just another big company.****
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> Their biggest mistake is not understanding that their early calculator
> technology was a fundamental building block of their success. Every
> employee should have an understanding of how and where HP's success
> developed, but that won't happen, and so down the slope of failure they
> will go.****
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