HHC Investigating Continues - Decision needed

Eric Rechlin eric at hpcalc.org
Thu May 3 07:35:22 PDT 2012

> BTW the favored location seems to be Nashville - by far.

Obviously I am biased, but I should give some reasons in favor of Houston:

1. Centrally located, being relatively easy to get to both for southern 
Californians as well as those on the east coast.
2. Two major airports (IAH and HOU) serving more cities non-stop than almost 
any other place, including non-stop flights on United to all major 
3. Second-biggest theater district in the country (after NYC).
4. It's the most diverse city in the US, contributing to it being possibly 
the best place to eat out in the US (both in terms of variety and value).
5. World-class museum district, ranging from the normal (Museum of Fine 
Arts, Museum of Natural History, Holocaust Museum) to the more obscure 
(Museum of Printing History, Art Car Museum -- home of the annual Art Car 
Parade, biggest in the US).
6. Some of the largest city parks in the US, including Memorial Park near 
downtown, which is twice the size of NYC's Central Park, and George Bush 
Park, which is 7800 acres.
7. For those traveling from far away who want to spend more time, Austin 
(the live music capital of the world) is not far away.  The Austin area (the 
Texas Hill Country) also has some of the best barbecue around, plenty of 
outdoor activities at numerous parks, and a whole bunch of breweries.
8. Although Houston has a lot of traffic, it also has what is quite possibly 
the most advanced highway network in the world.  There's a small 42-mile 
loop around the city center, then a larger 88 mile loop around most of 
Houston, and now under construction a 170-mile Highway 99, which would be 
the largest loop in the world.  All are connected with "spokes", via 
multiple four- and five-level stacks, and some spokes (such as I-10) are up 
to 500 feet (and 24 lanes) wide.
9. I can't forget NASA's Johnson Space Center, also, which could be a good 
Monday destination.  Home of Mission Control, the astronaut training 
facilities (including the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, the largest indoor pool in 
the world at 6.2 million gallons), and a Saturn V moon rocket, among other 

And of course, relevant to the conference:

1. Home to the biggest HP facility, meaning support from HP would probably 
be better in Houston than most other places.


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