HHC Investigating Continues - Decision needed

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Richard, just as an FYI, I received the "official" HP-Solve notification today.
- Bill

On Thu, May 3, 2012 at 10:00 AM, Richard J. Nelson <rjnelsoncf at cox.net> wrote:
> Hello Eric,
> Excellent list.
> Nothing is decided.
>  I will press HP (again) for a local contact you can work with so we can
> have all the numbers we need to make a decision.
> Stay tuned.
> X < > Y,
> Richard
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> like
> to know where you live; Country and city.
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>> BTW the favored location seems to be Nashville - by far.
> Obviously I am biased, but I should give some reasons in favor of Houston:
> 1. Centrally located, being relatively easy to get to both for southern
> Californians as well as those on the east coast.
> 2. Two major airports (IAH and HOU) serving more cities non-stop than almost
> any other place, including non-stop flights on United to all major
> continents.
> 3. Second-biggest theater district in the country (after NYC).
> 4. It's the most diverse city in the US, contributing to it being possibly
> the best place to eat out in the US (both in terms of variety and value).
> 5. World-class museum district, ranging from the normal (Museum of Fine
> Arts, Museum of Natural History, Holocaust Museum) to the more obscure
> (Museum of Printing History, Art Car Museum -- home of the annual Art Car
> Parade, biggest in the US).
> 6. Some of the largest city parks in the US, including Memorial Park near
> downtown, which is twice the size of NYC's Central Park, and George Bush
> Park, which is 7800 acres.
> 7. For those traveling from far away who want to spend more time, Austin
> (the live music capital of the world) is not far away.  The Austin area (the
> Texas Hill Country) also has some of the best barbecue around, plenty of
> outdoor activities at numerous parks, and a whole bunch of breweries.
> 8. Although Houston has a lot of traffic, it also has what is quite possibly
> the most advanced highway network in the world.  There's a small 42-mile
> loop around the city center, then a larger 88 mile loop around most of
> Houston, and now under construction a 170-mile Highway 99, which would be
> the largest loop in the world.  All are connected with "spokes", via
> multiple four- and five-level stacks, and some spokes (such as I-10) are up
> to 500 feet (and 24 lanes) wide.
> 9. I can't forget NASA's Johnson Space Center, also, which could be a good
> Monday destination.  Home of Mission Control, the astronaut training
> facilities (including the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, the largest indoor pool in
> the world at 6.2 million gallons), and a Saturn V moon rocket, among other
> rockets.
> And of course, relevant to the conference:
> 1. Home to the biggest HP facility, meaning support from HP would probably
> be better in Houston than most other places.
> Eric
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