HHC Investigating Continues - Decision needed

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If HP management wanted us to have HP-Solve, they would arrange it.   I do
not believe that their managers are powerless or incompetent.  They know
exactly what they are doing.


Hello Richard,


What I am looking for is evidence that people who have signed up at the new
HP-Solve website iniated in late September of 2011 have indeed - as a result
of signing up at that site - received the newsletter.  Since then there have
been three issues.  I believe that the problem is the sebsite software that
is the issue, but I need evidence.  


I need a few people to tell me that they signed up at that site only and
have received the newsletter.  Here is the link.  Sign up now and tell me
when the next issue is posted.





The "subscription" numbers are increasing and that is a good sign.


Since I work closely with the people that are involved with getting the
newsletter emailed and posted I have some idea of the process.  It is a
multiple team process involving several outsourse and insource groups.  The
current team works well, but when it comes to the HP world wide website(s)
it is a different story.  


The HP website is so big that no one person knows who is doing what.  In
addition to the technical aspects of multiple servers, time zones, and
various programmer groups there is the financial - who pays for what
resosurce - accounting.  The largness is the reason that there have been
more internal pre-release of new product information than external posting
of new product pre-release information.


If you are looking for a time sink challenge start exploring the HP website
and you will be astonished at what you will find.  They say that nothing
ever dies once posted on the the web; I am beginning to think that the HP
website is similar.  I have found old and conflicting files stating opposite
information and the response is that the (old) information is historical and
it is a low priority to clean it up.  


I have seen situations that when a file is considered by everyone that it
should be deleted; yet it takes forever to find the person who has access to
it, getting the approval to delete it, and then actually making the


The peripheral websites are not as large and they work much better, e.g. the
Japense website often pre-releases new products and when discovered they are
often abe to remove it within the same day it is discovered.  I always
download new material as soon as I see it.


One issue is relative importance.  The managers are not powerless.  The
issue is time and priority and unless it is VERY important the normal
process is used and that takes a looong time.  I think that things are
getting better and that is good news.  There are so many people involved
that unless you are at a very high manager level normal changes are


X < > Y,



P.S.  Have you noticed that since the beginning of the year that HP has been
working to strengthen its image and is defending its trademarks and
copyrights so that information such as Calculator Owner's Manuals is much
more difficult to find on the Internet?  HP officially provides some of
them, but not for many of the older models.



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