HHC Investigating Continues - Decision needed

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Hello Richard S.,


See below.

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What about the London event?  Will there be one this year?

Probably, but I don't know for sure.  You can sign up for the HPCC List.
Try here.


I am not sure if they use it because they have their own web site.  I am on
their list and I haven't received any emails from it.


Can gringos from California go?

As far as I know.

Will it conflict with our Tennessee redneck conference? 

I  don't think so as we "coordinate" with Wlodek.  I believe that theirs is
after ours in October - I just checked their site and it is 20th-21st
October -  <http://www.hpcc.org/conferences/index.html> HPCC 30th
Anniversary Conference

The link is to last year's report.

I have never been to Nashville, but I have played in a blues club on Beal
street in Memphis.  EXCELLENT!!!!   My membership in an alien race did not
matter at all.

It seems clear that everyone wants to go to Nashville.  We are still
gathering cost information.

I am copying Wlodek so he can correct any errors I have made.

. . . Richard


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