Proposed HHC 2013 Location

Joseph K. Horn joehorn at
Thu Feb 28 10:33:15 PST 2013

Richard Schwartz wrote: 

> But if you want to go to a really BIG city, that would be Tonopah, Nevada, the biggest city in the United States.

And Tonopah is only 1 mile from Ararat Mountain!  We could make a post-conference trip to visit Noah's Ark, the world's first implementation of a binary operating system!

In the vanishingly small chance that Richard was serious, the prices there look good:

The quaint Tonopah Station Hotel runs about $60 a night for a standard room with either 2 queen beds or 1 king bed.  They have 75 rooms.  And a 24-hour in-house restaurant.  And an attached casino, of course.  Conference room?  No idea.

The classier Mizpah Hotel reopened last year after a throrough overhaul, which is needed because it's over 100 years old.  Reviews in the past few months have been very positive.  But the standard rooms run between $100 and $130 a night.  ("Economy room" = single queen bed in smaller room: $79 a night).  Free wireless Internet.  In-house cafe and restaurant.  NO attached casino.  Only 47 rooms.  Conference room?  No idea.

Bottom line: I'd prefer Reno.

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