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For those of us travelling across an ocean as well as across a continent, all this sounds very expensive.
London to Reno by plane is about US$1100.
If a kind soul were to collect us from SFO, or if a group were to hire a car then flying to SFO costs over US$900.

So even that is expensive, maybe we have to live with it.
Maybe I need to fly to somewhere else in Europe and then on to the US.
Do any other folks coming from Europe have thoughts on this?
Just the same, I do hope to see y'all this September.
Wlodek MJ

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Reno is about a 4 hour drive from the Bay Area, so yeah, it'll be quite a way from SoCal.

Bay Area is also good. We had it there in 2006, right?

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> Reno would be a great place to have a conference.  Clean air and dirty wimmin’.    But if you want to go to a really BIG city, that would be Tonopah, Nevada, the biggest city in the United States.   It is a shambles, with boarded up and crumbling buildings, once a high tech prosperous city, now in ruins (because of the nuclear test ban).   They still have a good airport, probably a former military airport.
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> Hello HHCers.
> David Ramsey has done some preliminary research on Reno as an HHC location.  I didn’t remember that Reno is quite far North (further North than San Francisco but in Nevada) in terms of driving.
> We need at least two more locations in order to have a perspective.  Comments, ideas and suggestions are welcome. 
> Thanks David.
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