Colorado Flood Situation (We should be good for HHC2013)

Jake Schwartz jakes at
Sun Sep 15 16:28:47 PDT 2013


Tim Wessman posted this to the HP Museum Forum  on 9/13 with respect to 
the potential effects of the Colorado flooding which has been affecting 
much of the area around Boulder:

There are a few things I should probably say.

First, there are some major rains/flooding all along the rocky 
mountains. Fort Collins is on the northern edge and has been hit far 
less then places like Boulder to the south. A few neighborhoods near the 
river were evacuated, and a few roads/bridges are closed. I do not 
anticipate any collapses or things that will impact long term.

I highly doubt that there will be any large issues in Fort Collins by 
next week as a result of any flooding and the conference will not be 

There are two things that could potentially impact outside activities 
however. Boulder, the location of the NIST facility, has been the 
hardest hit location. While I doubt the NIST/NOAA facilities will be 
directly impacted due to elevation, there may be other issues that could 
potentially impact the tours.

The other issue will be anyone wanting to visit Rocky Mountain National 
Park. While the park itself is still open, all roads in the canyons 
heading up to the park from this side of the park are closed and have 
collapsed in places due to the flooding. Thus visiting the park turned 
from a 1-2 hour drive, into a 3-4 hour drive in order to circle around.

If you are a fan of the guy that does "", here is a 
video he posted.

Also, another video from cnn. 


Also Richard Nelson spoke to the hotel folks who indicated that there 
should be no problems travelling between Denver and Fort Collins.

See you at the conference,

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