Colorado Flood Situation (We should be good for HHC2013)

Roger Hill rhill at
Sun Sep 15 18:00:11 PDT 2013

Hi all,

I just made a reservation with Green Ride from the Denver airport to
the Cambria Suites.  Apparently there's no problem with that route
now, though there was one day when I-25 was closed.

I was just about to ask if anybody knew whether the flooding
devastation in Boulder is going to affect our tours of NIST and NOAA.

-- Roger

------------ On Jake Schwartz' forwarded message ------------

> Hi,
> Tim Wessman posted this to the HP Museum Forum...
> I highly doubt that there will be any large issues in Fort Collins
> by next week as a result of any flooding and the conference will not
> be impacted...
> There are two things that could potentially impact outside
> activities however. Boulder, the location of the NIST facility, has
> been the hardest hit location. While I doubt the NIST/NOAA
> facilities will be directly impacted due to elevation, there may be
> other issues that could potentially impact the tours...
> Also Richard Nelson spoke to the hotel folks who indicated that
> there should be no problems travelling between Denver and Fort
> Collins.

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