Completely OT - Austin Lounge Lizards Sunday Night

Daniel McDonald danm5000 at
Wed Sep 18 06:28:11 PDT 2013

Are there any other Austin Lounge Lizards fans coming to the HHC2013?  I
have just realized that they are scheduled for a show in Gold Hill (10
miles out of Boulder) for Sunday Night.  I am not planning on having a
rental car with me, so making the show for me is sadly probably not going
to happen.

It is not clear if the roads to Gold Hill are open or will be open by
Sunday.  But if they are, or if the Lizards are rescheduled somewhere else
nearby, and somebody with a car is going...  I'd wanna go too.

Original Plan is for Lizards at Gold Hill Inn 7:30pm on Sunday.

Anyway -- see y'all there (Cambria Suites, Ft. Collins) Friday night!

Best regards,

Dan M.
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