HHC 2013 observations

Jake Schwartz jakes at magpage.com
Wed Sep 25 17:18:44 PDT 2013

Hi Richard,

Below you wrote "Eric Vogel is accelerating his progress...." but you 
really meant Eric Smith. Perhaps you should make a correction?


On 9/25/2013 6:37 PM, Richard J. Nelson wrote:
> Hello HHCers,
> HHC 2013 is now history.  When I asked how many attendees subscribe to 
> this list the showing of hands was essentially 100%.  Because I know 
> the list is at least 50% larger than the attendees I am commenting 
> mostly to those list readers who didn't attend. Thanks to Eric Smith 
> for maintaining the HHC List.
> The Conference was a success based on comments I have received from 
> the Community and the managers at HP.  The five additional Committee 
> Members work well together and they did their tasks with energy and 
> expertise.  Thanks must go to them all.
> We honored Wlodek, Cyrille, and Tim with a plaque in appreciation of 
> their work to support and create new and better HP calculator 
> products.  When I asked Ruth Patterson, Calculator GM, _if _the 
> success of Prime would produce additional new products she 
> enthusiastically said yes, but corrected me with _when _Prime is 
> successful . . .
> A BIG issue with Prime is programming.  It is a new and very powerful 
> system/language and I would make the analogy of the change from Gen3 
> to Gen4 (RPN to RPL).  Gen5 (Prime) is similar to Paint Shop Pro, for 
> those users familiar with this poor man's Photo Shop.  It is easy to 
> make changes, but it much less easy to create an image from scratch.  
> Prime  programs are  similar.  We will have some very nice 
> improvements in this arena with Release 2, hopefully around the turn 
> of the year.   Time will tell.  Sales success will spawn many good 
> things.  I predict that young, new, student users they will do some 
> spectacular graphing with Prime.
> Back to the Conference.  Geoff Quickfall won the best speaker award 
> with his well-documented fully experienced presentation of how he uses 
> many different HP calculators (including the HP-01) as he flies around 
> the world in a 777.  His presentation is available to all.  See the 
> link below.
> Our prizes are divided into Normal and Premium groups.  We had 13 or 
> 14 of the latter category of rare and expensive items.  There was even 
> an MS Tablet.  Every attendee went home with at least two prizes.  The 
> normal group had  some very nice calculators.  The small  silver coin 
> looking items on the right end were made by Jim Donnelly.  You will 
> have to ask an attendee what they are.
> The attendance was about average with 54 registered and 51 donating 
> $20 for the Conference (HP folks don't pay).  We went over the 
> collected donations by a bit over $200, but this is covered by our 
> approximately $1,200 reserves from 2010, 2011, and 2012.  I asked how 
> many were attending an HHC for the first time and I think I counted 
> five hands.
> We had an intense delving into all aspects of Prime and an exceptional 
> HP Panel (especially  attentive because of a new and exploratory new 
> Prime) for Q&A on Sunday.  HP is venturing into new territory with 
> this advanced education product that really took the competition by 
> surprise.  And, like HP usually does, what we see today is just the 
> beginning in terms of future capability.
> Eric Vogel is accelerating his progress of a team of two in developing 
> a new calculator from scratch (see Eric in front row first seat right 
> of center).
> The official group photo was taken by Joseph Horn .  You should see it 
> soon.
> Jake and Jackie completed their PPC Issue 
> more-readable-program-with-barcodes project.  The many files are on 
> the cloud for the whole community.  This is an immense project that 
> just about completes our documentation of that Gen3 period.
> I will update the Speakers Schedule (V3, reality) as soon as I can.  
> It took two days for the  drive home.  Our Cloud Conference files may 
> be found at http://hhuc.us/2013/files/.
> We are not very sure where the next HHC will be in 2014.  We did set 
> the date as September 20 & 21, 2014.  It will NOT be in Fort Collins.  
> We don't want to wear out our welcome even though management says it's 
> OK.
> Comments and questions welcome.
> For the Committee,
> X < > Y,
> Richard
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