HHC 2013 observations/Programming

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Hello Richard and all HHCers,


I made an error in my last posting.  I said Eric Vogel when I meant Eric
Smith.  Eric Vogel is a Corvallis software manager and HP patent holder.
See http://hhuc.us/2013/hp.htm   and
http://hhuc.us/2009/HP%20Calculator%20Master%20Patent%20List%20V9.pdf   page


Regarding the programming of a multi-touch color screen type machine.  It is
more complex and there is a lot of housekeeping to be tended to.  In this
regards the days of assembly level programming are gone.  As HP Jim Donnelly
commented at HHC 2013 the accomplishment of the Prime Team is astounding in
terms of time spent and advanced capability.


I agree with Richard Schwartz that in terms of simple programming the 34S is
indeed a better hands on programming machine.  We will see Prime programming
unfold as the younger generation simply accepts what is offered and then
takes it to new heights.

RE the Triangle Solver.  It is NOT very impressive and indeed very
disappointing.  It is NOT the omission of the area, etc. that makes it so
bad.  The user interface is terrible.  I am biting my tongue.


X < > Y,






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"A BIG issue with Prime is programming."


The more I get into the 34s, the more I see that it is a programmer's
machine.   With any register addressable, any register an indirect register,
with local and global storage, it is a solution looking for problems.  Too
bad it only has a single line display.   It would be great if something like
this could be done with the 35s.   


I do not know if HP plans to make programming on the Prime accessible to
ordinary users.   Perhaps HP is planning to cultivate a cult of appliance
operators.   It is not at all obvious.


I am not impressed with their triangle solver.   I will investigate it and


. . . The Schwartz is with you!   


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Hello HHCers,


HHC 2013 is now history.  When I asked how many attendees subscribe to this
list the showing of hands was essentially 100%.  Because I know the list is
at least 50% larger than the attendees I am commenting mostly to those list
readers who didn't attend.  Thanks to Eric Smith for maintaining the HHC


The Conference was a success based on comments I have received from the
Community and the managers at HP.  The five additional Committee Members
work well together and they did their tasks with energy and expertise.
Thanks must go to them all.


We honored Wlodek, Cyrille, and Tim with a plaque in appreciation of their
work to support and create new and better HP calculator products.  When I
asked Ruth Patterson, Calculator GM, if the success of Prime would produce
additional new products she enthusiastically said yes, but corrected me with
when Prime is successful . . .


A BIG issue with Prime is programming.  It is a new and very powerful
system/language and I would make the analogy of the change from Gen3 to Gen4
(RPN to RPL).  Gen5 (Prime) is similar to Paint Shop Pro, for those users
familiar with this poor man's Photo Shop.  It is easy to make changes, but
it much less easy to create an image from scratch.  Prime  programs are
similar.  We will have some very nice improvements in this arena with
Release 2, hopefully around the turn of the year.   Time will tell.  Sales
success will spawn many good things.  I predict that young, new, student
users they will do some spectacular graphing with Prime.


Back to the Conference.  Geoff Quickfall won the best speaker award with his
well-documented fully experienced presentation of how he uses many different
HP calculators (including the HP-01) as he flies around the world in a 777.
His presentation is available to all.  See the link below.




Our prizes are divided into Normal and Premium groups.  We had 13 or 14 of
the latter category of rare and expensive items.  There was even an MS
Tablet.  Every attendee went home with at least two prizes.  The normal
group had  some very nice calculators.  The small  silver coin looking items
on the right end were made by Jim Donnelly.  You will have to ask an
attendee what they are.






The attendance was about average with 54 registered and 51 donating $20 for
the Conference (HP folks don't pay).  We went over the collected donations
by a bit over $200, but this is covered by our approximately $1,200 reserves
from 2010, 2011, and 2012.  I asked how many were attending an HHC for the
first time and I think I counted five hands.


We had an intense delving into all aspects of Prime and an exceptional HP
Panel (especially  attentive because of a new and exploratory new Prime) for
Q&A on Sunday.  HP is venturing into new territory with this advanced
education product that really took the competition by surprise.  And, like
HP usually does, what we see today is just the beginning in terms of future


Eric Vogel is accelerating his progress of a team of two in developing a new
calculator from scratch (see Eric in front row first seat right of center).


The official group photo was taken by Joseph Horn .  You should see it soon.


Jake and Jackie completed their PPC Issue
more-readable-program-with-barcodes project.  The many files are on the
cloud for the whole community.  This is an immense project that just about
completes our documentation of that Gen3 period.


I will update the Speakers Schedule (V3, reality) as soon as I can.  It took
two days for the  drive home.  Our Cloud Conference files may be found at


We are not very sure where the next HHC will be in 2014.  We did set the
date as September 20 & 21, 2014.  It will NOT be in Fort Collins.  We don't
want to wear out our welcome even though management says it's OK.  


Comments and questions welcome.


For the Committee,


X < > Y,











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