HHC 2013 observations/Programming

Eric Rechlin eric at hpcalc.org
Fri Sep 27 10:39:39 PDT 2013

Hi Richard,

> The idea is to start with the source code for a program that works, and
> change one little detail at a time until you morph it into what you want.
> Along the way, you learn to program.  Even if you never saw the language
> before.
> Please do not disclose this idea to human resource people; they say that 
> you
> cannot program unless you have ten years programming experience  with the
> exact tools and language that management imposes on you, and on the exact
> problem that they are trying to solve.

That's exactly how my company works.  We hire people with zero programming 
experience, put them through a 4 week training course, and then have them 
write code.  Most often, we suggest taking some existing code, copying it, 
and modifying it until it does what they want.  This is a pretty common 
thing.  I think the HR people you are familiar with are not very 


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