HHC 2013 observations/Programming

Eric Rechlin eric at hpcalc.org
Fri Sep 27 11:05:02 PDT 2013

> No, Richard is right, but the reason is subtle.  Companies want to hire
> a person with EXACTLY the right experience  because, when they don't
> find the person, they can make a case for bringing someone in on an H1B
> visa and paying them well below the going rate.

That's still not a fair generalization.

My company rarely hires H1Bs (as a rule we don't do it, but on occasion we 
find someone who's truly good enough to be worth sponsoring), so your 
generalization doesn't apply to us.  We're owned by the Carlisle group, too, 
so it's not like we're some small "don't be evil" company.  I know people 
who work for other companies who are on H1Bs and they are by no means paid 
less than anyone else (and sometimes they are paid more than their peers).

What you describe may well apply to some companies, but it doesn't apply to 
any that I am familiar with the practices of.


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