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Actually, it is worse than you disclose here.   Immigrants brought in on the
H1-B are frequently required to sign an agreement designating the employer
as their attorney for all matters related to immigration.   This locks the
worker into a very ugly form of bondage wherein he cannot seek another job.

None of this abuse is the fault of the immigrant; it is the fault of the HR
professional who would like to see the 13th amendment repealed.

But some HR professionals take advantage of a loophole in the 13th
amendment.   For example Geogroup and Correctional Corporation of America
use incarcerated prisoners to run internal industries for $1 per day.   If a
prisoner declines this work, he may be subjected to sleep deprivation, cold
temperatures, and claustrophobic confinement, none of which leaves any kind
of mark or other evidence on the victim.    That is HR taken to a whole new

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On 9/27/2013 1:39 PM, Eric Rechlin wrote:
> Hi Richard,
> That's exactly how my company works.  We hire people with zero 
> programming experience, put them through a 4 week training course, and 
> then have them write code.  Most often, we suggest taking some 
> existing code, copying it, and modifying it until it does what they 
> want.  This is a pretty common thing.  I think the HR people you are 
> familiar with are not very knowledgeable.
No, Richard is right, but the reason is subtle.  Companies want to hire a
person with EXACTLY the right experience  because, when they don't find the
person, they can make a case for bringing someone in on an H1B visa and
paying them well below the going rate.  Companies cry about a shortage of IT
workers and how they have to bring in foreign workers, but they really just
want to pay less and pretending that there's a shortage of workers is an
easy way to do it.

Please note that I'm complaining about the corporate practices here, not the
people who take advantage of the program to come to America.  I have a lot
of respect and admiration for anyone who can leave their home and come here.


> Eric
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