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Thank you Richard for your report.
Regarding holding a conference at NIST/NOAA, what would the advantages be?
We would be next to their interesting sites, but presumably we would only visit the sites either before, or after, or half and half, as this year. Visiting during the conference would be a major distraction!
So we would be paying extra for 
1/ proximity - we could equally well go to a nearby hotel at a lower price.
2/ webcasting - but the recording can be put online a few days later, as Eric has done

3/ better facilities - but do we need them, compared to a hotel with a conference area?
4/ a central location for US attendees - many can drive rather than fly, but a hotel near NIST/NOAA would provide that too

Against that, there are:
1/ much higher cost
2/ security requirements - would we have to be checked every time we enter and leave the site?

I suggest we should look for a different place. Geoff's suggestion of Vancouver, with its proximity to Seattle and relative closeness to Portland and Corvallis sounds very interesting. But it would probably be another reason for him not to finish his book/s if he is organising HHC2014! How about asking our old friends in Seattle?

Thanks for an excellent HHC this year!

Wlodek MJ

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Hello HHCers,
Eric Rechlin has up loaded the videos of the HHC 2013 conference at:
This adds to the previous videos starting with HHC 2010.  
In addition to the HHC 2013 Conference we had special custom tours of NIST and NOOA.  It was touch and go for attendees because of the very heavy flooding in the area a week before and we were not sure of the road situation.  When secondary roads get washed out the traffic increases on the primary roads and added travel time is required.
All the tours were excellent and it is exciting to see the actual labs and talk to the researchers that make the news in original research.  Accurate time is turning out to be a wonderful standard for other measurements as well as demonstrating gravitational influences.  When an atomic clock runs at a different speed on one floor compared to the floor above it you know that it has a very good resolution and stability.  A difference of three feet is noticeable.
One exciting bit of news in time standards is the changes being made to WWVB at 50 Kilohertz.  By adding a phase shift to the signal (in March of this year) a tiny IC like antenna will enable wrist watches  to sync to the signal providing exceptional accuracy.  Now power plants, road lights, and other devices may be much more accurate at a low cost.  Look for consumer/commercial products using the NIST developed technology in early 2014.
It is possible to use the NIST Conference facilities for an HHC Conference but at a higher cost.  Of course the cost will depend on the number of attendees but it will be more than double our highest cost of $50.  They have state of the art facilities and we could even web broadcast the conference.  I won’t get the numbers unless a few people inquire.
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