More HHC 2013 Info

Eric Rechlin eric at
Fri Sep 27 20:39:48 PDT 2013

> We used to hold the Telescope Optics Workshop at Western Washington
> University in Bellingham.  It is a suburb of Vancouver BC, and is 
> accessible
> from the Canadian or the U.S. side.    But car rental with border crossing
> privilidges?   Hmmm….    Seattle is a much farther drive.

Border crossings into Canada are generally not a problem with rental cars. 
I did it just last year, in fact. Because of the relatively high cost of 
flights into Vancouver, BC, if the conference were there I'd probably fly to 
Seattle, rent a car, and drive to Vancouver.

That said, one potential problem with a Canadian conference would be that 
passports are required to go there, and I wonder how many in our group do 
not hold passports.


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