HHC 2014 - Nashville is being Investigated

Richard J. Nelson rjnelsoncf at cox.net
Mon Jan 6 15:24:57 PST 2014

Hello HHCers,


CES starts tomorrow and I like to have any personal inputs I get while
attending the show before we start the more formal process of deciding on
where HHC 2014 should be held.


Gene has suggested that we use Nashville again after a very positive set of
cost elements worked in our favor for HHC 2012.  It was Plan B and the room
was less desirable for several reasons - Gene thinks it could have been much
better and that is good.  Thanks Gene for taking on this challenging task.


What are the other possibilities we should be considering?  Reno and Las
Vegas are popular but quite expensive and they have been unacceptably
expensive in the past.  I will check one source (verify again) in Vegas when
I arrive tomorrow.


Comments welcome and very much needed.


BTW, we will be having a dinner meeting at the Circus Circus Buffet at 7:30
PM on Thursday January 9th in case you are attending CES.  Here is a recent
photo at the Circus Circus buffet.



      New Jersey        Belgium      Colorado      California
Arizona            Illinois           Nevada


At least five of these people will be attending again - Jake, Jo, RichardN,
Brian, and Sam.  Jake was planning on attending but is prevented by weather.
Three others not shown plan on attending.


X < > Y,






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