HHC 2014 - Nashville is being Investigated

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The sheriff of Los Angeles County is also being investigated!   He has done
his best to obstruct the investigation, of himself and former undersheriff
Paul Tanaka (also mayor of Gardena, though he lives in Diamond Bar), but it
looks like the FBI could not be stopped.  Good by Leroy Baca, heroic first
responder when prisoners and even visitors to the jail were being beaten up
by sheriff officers.

On Mon, Jan 6, 2014 at 9:27 PM, Bruce A. Bergman <bruceb at fatcity.com> wrote:

> For me, it's the same as Dave describes: conference fee is minor compared
> to location costs. Nashville is a strange place to fly into for most of the
> USA, and as such, ticket prices are higher. Hotels and transport can be
> high too. I understand the east coast contingent would probably prefer
> Nashville, though. If it's in Nashville, then I'll just catch you guys at
> the next one when the location is closer, and airfare is less and overall
> costs will be lower. I'm much more amenable to Vegas or Reno, although each
> has their own quirks.
> thanks,
> bruce
> on Jan 06, 2014, *David Hayden* <dave at larou.com> wrote:
> We really enjoyed Nashville (Scottie was there, but incognito). A bigger
> room would be nice of course if it's possible.
> The conference fee is a tiny fraction of the cost for us to attend HHC
> so personally I don't mind if that costs more. Airfare has been about
> the same from the NYC area whether flying to Nashville, Denver or San
> Diego (maybe because I'm bad at shopping for airfares). So for me, the
> big costs that the committee can influence are the hotel room and
> transportation from the airport - specifically whether a rental car is
> necessary.
> Hope this helps. Thanks Richard and the rest of the committee for all
> that you guys do. Enjoy CES!!
> Dave
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