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Roger Hill rhill at
Mon Jul 21 16:22:29 MDT 2014

Of course, you have to locate an isolated north pole, which nobody
has ever done yet....  I believe a magnetic monopole would have mass
if it existed (with no mass it would be going at the speed of light),
and of course stored energy in the magnetic field.   A north monopole
near the earth would get a force in a "magnetically-southerly"
direction (toward the south magnetic pole), or a
"geograpically-northerly" direction.  Interesting idea of "tacking".

-- Roger

------------ On Richard S's message ------------
> Thanks for the info in magnetic suction.   I had a great idea for
> propulsion of spacecraft: the vehicle would carry a magnetic North
> pole, and it would be sucked in a southerly direction.  Since the
> pole has a magnetic field, there is stored energy, and there is
> mass, so the velocity does not become infinite.  I think that with
> a large superconducting loop to constrain motion to a specific
> plane, one could tack as with a sailboat.   
> Â 
> There is considerable literature on controlling the charge on
> spacecraft.
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> . . . Richard

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