Location 2014

Joseph K. Horn joehorn at holyjoe.net
Fri May 2 13:23:59 MDT 2014

Hi, Gunter and all!

> So my I kindly ask the committee, when are you going to reveal where the 
> meeting will be?

Sorry about the delay.  It currently seems to be a tossup between Reno and 
Nashville.  David Ramsey kindly provided the committee with the pertinent 
data about Reno.  We are now waiting for Gene to provide the pertinent data 
about Nashville, so that we can decide between the two.  Hopefully soon....

Disclaimer: The above is only my personal opinion. I am not speaking for the 
HHC 2014 Committee here. I can't, because several members are apparently on 
extended holiday, or off-planet, or deeply involved in classified 


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