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Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz wlodekmj at yahoo.co.uk
Sat May 3 18:24:09 MDT 2014

Hello again from London. I am not off-planet, merely off-continent, and have recently expressed a mild preference for Nashville over Reno (flight costs: US$800 London to Nashville, US$1130 London to Reno).
But ymm, and I think we should wait for Gene - is anyone near enough to him to knock on his door?
Maybe indeed he is in China, on a secret mission, with no web access ;-)
Best wishes all, Wlodek

On Saturday, 3 May 2014, 21:59, Günter Schink <web at 4schink.de> wrote:
Hi Joe,

thanks for the update. I hope we'll have a firm decision about the 
location soon.


Am 02.05.2014 21:23, schrieb Joseph K. Horn:
> Hi, Gunter and all!
>> So my I kindly ask the committee, when are you going to reveal where
>> the meeting will be?
> Sorry about the delay.  It currently seems to be a tossup between Reno
> and Nashville.  David Ramsey kindly provided the committee with the
> pertinent data about Reno.  We are now waiting for Gene to provide the
> pertinent data about Nashville, so that we can decide between the two.
> Hopefully soon....
> Disclaimer: The above is only my personal opinion. I am not speaking for
> the HHC 2014 Committee here. I can't, because several members are
> apparently on extended holiday, or off-planet, or deeply involved in
> classified operations.
> -Joe-
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