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Fri May 16 05:24:32 MDT 2014

Thank you David for bringing this up again. As one of those pesky Europeans, as Wlodek would say, I have to prepare for much more than just the two days of the conference.

Really hope for a firm decision in a couple of days.


On 16. Mai 2014 06:56:08 MESZ, Ramsey David <dramsey at> wrote:
>It has been some days now since Gene has sadly reported that he’s
>unable to participate as he has previously due to circumstances in his
>life, and has encouraged us to continue with the planning.
>As far as I know at this point, Reno is the only site that has been
>“vetted” in that we’ve got a firm quote and information on facilities
>from a local hotel. I sent the contract to Richard a few days ago but
>so far have heard…
>So, what’s up? With the conference in only about 4 months it seems to
>me that we should have a site up, be taking reservations, collecting
>presentations, etc.
>— David
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