HHC 2014 Location is decided - better late than never?

David Hayden dave at larou.com
Sun May 25 14:02:59 MDT 2014

It's also a very scenic Amtrak train ride from Emeryville, CA, to Reno.  
Those in the Denver area might want to take the train from Denver, but 
in that case get a sleeper room since it's an overnight ride.


On 5/24/2014 6:29 PM, Ramsey David wrote:
> For those who wish to fly into the Bay Area, it’s an easy and scenic drive up Interstate 80 to Reno. About 270 miles. Those enamored of the very best in greasy spoon cuisine should check out Colfax Max diner, exit 135 in Colfax, CA.
> — David

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