Time to be seriously thinking about HHC 2016

Richard J. Nelson rjnelsoncf at cox.net
Sat Aug 20 17:33:49 MDT 2016

Hello HHCers,


The Conference is shaping up very well.  A broad range of topics will be
discussed and of course the latest news in the HP community will be shared.


If you are listed as a speaker on the registration list
(http://hhuc.us/2016/reglist.htm) I hope you are seriously putting the final
touches on your presentation.  I also hope you will soon change TBD & TBA to
a subject title.


We will use a Thumb Drive again this year so anything you feel is timely and
HP calculator related could be added.  We will have a thumb drive copying
session at the hotel on Friday.  Send me your material and don't expect to
add it at the last minute.  I will prepare a master.


We will be a guest at HP this year and Conference room and food preparations
are underway.  If you plan on attending PLEASE add your name to the HHC
website list.  Email Joseph at:  joseph.k.horn at gmail.com
<mailto:joseph.k.horn at gmail.com>   and/or complete the registration form at:

http://hhuc.us/2016/register.htm   That list will be used for HP Security to
prepare a badge to enter the facilities.


If you have not attended an HHC recently you should consider attending.  Our
group is getting close to the inefficient size for reasonable costs, and I
am certainly "getting old" according to most people.  One aspect of being
ten retired retired is that you have every dime you will spend for the rest
of your life in your hand, and inflation steals an extra few percent each
year so . . .


The HHC 2016 theme is:   and there will be some great HP Prime presentations
as well as an update on other HP community projects.


Speaking of Prime, here is a TI Planet evaluation.  Note the second last
entry.  Who has the highest score?  I don't know what the coefficients
"machine" is.  X1 points?




I hope to see you in Ft. Collins in 4 weeks (28 days, 672 hours).  Stay


X < > Y,



P.S.  For those active on the HP Museum website you might pass this
information along.


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